23 July 2015

26 Ideas for killer social media posts

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It’s all about creating punchy titles and producing brilliant content that will stand out against the rest of the chaos people see on their social media home page. But let’s be honest: when your objective is to post stuff two to three times a day, chances are you’ll start running out of inspiration quickly.
Not to worry; we’ve got your back. Along with Forbes, we will bring you a list of 26 ideas that you can refer to when you have writer’s black and need help in producing killer social media content.

1.       Ask a question. Expect an answer.

2.       Quotes. Everyone loves a little humour, inspiration or motivation

3.       Behind the scenes. Meg Rayner from the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board told me that photos of firefighters and trucks are always their winning posts.

4.       Infographics. Pretty colours and impressive stats: what’s not to like?

5.       Open the vaults. Bring out the Evergreen and pull out an old post.

6.       Fill in the ____. If I were Prime Minister of Australia for a day, I would ____.

7.       Spread the love. Share a post from another organisation that your audience might like.

8.       Link to a controversial post. Hey, it’s up to you but sparking a debate is a pretty good way of hiking engagement.

9.       Post a video. We have entered the age of multimedia. Ride the wave.

10.   Ask for testimonials. People like to vent, but they also like to share inspirational stories. You’ll probably get a happy mix. Testimonials might even give you ideas for future post topics.

11.   Start a contest. Set up a little friendly competition, offer a prize, ask for tweets/shares/photos. The State Library NSW showed all of us how well this could work when they started #DigitiseMySuburb.

12.   Share a tip. Who doesn’t want to make their life easier?

13.   Ask for advice. You might be happy to receive tips as well!

14.   Listicles. If you’re reading this, then it proves my point.

15.   Hold a photo contest. It will also give you a chance to put a face on your public.

16.   Share news. People are already talking about it, so jump into the conversation.

17.   2 truths and a lie. Let your fans guess and then knock ‘em out with a crazy statistic.

18.   Profile a member of your team. Offer a few minutes of fame to a member of your team who deserves it and show your audience that your organisation isn’t run by robots.

19.   Celebrate an odd holiday. If you look at all of the official and ridiculous ‘days’ out there, you’d have something for every day of the year practically.

20.   Share company news. Again, what your audience loves the most is to stay in the loop.

21.   Series of post. Publish a series of similar posts during a certain number of days, a little like what HONY does at times. If you do it well enough, your public will stay hooked and won’t be able to resist coming back for more. 

22.   Employee guest posts. One of the best ways of keeping up your social media presence is by encouraging your colleagues to post as well.

23.   Spotlight a cause. Invite your followers to like a cause that you believe in/contribute to.

24.   Ask your audience for content ideas. Let them do the legwork.

25.   Tell a story. Storytelling is the best way to engage your community anyway.

And when all else fails:

26.   Cats, babies, food. I doubt an uber serious government department would do this, but who isn’t a sucker for cute kittens
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