19 August 2015

Guest Blog by Stephen Moore: Workforce Resourcing is not Workforce Planning!

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After more than a decade working with HR leaders in developing their Workforce Planning capability and know-how, I’ve witnessed the many benefits that can be achieved by expanding the definition of workforce planning from a strictly resourcing based focus to one adopting a more universal approach. 

As illustrated in the following diagram, Strategic Workforce Planning actually comprises three key elements that must all be effectively integrated via a systematic process in order achieve the best possible results  throughout an organisation.

1. When properly designed and executed Workforce Labour Demand Forecasting enables Line Managers to determine the organisation structures, occupational groups (job families) and specific FTE headcount they will require moving forward in order to effectively deliver key business plans and objectives.

2. Once completed, Workforce Labour Supply Forecasting enables Line Managers to identify and determine those specific job families where future resourcing is considered to be a critical risk, whether it be in relation to labour market availability or the cost of procurement. Pro-active intervention strategies that enhance bench-strength and depth can then be developed, in order to ensure the ongoing availability of the right people, at the right time, at least cost and risk to the organisation.

3. Workforce Labour Sustainability Forecasting compels the organisation to undertake a structured “snapshot” of its current workforce composition and operation (present state) in order to then project out over the horizon (future state) to identify critical/endemic Labour Sustainability issues that necessitate the design and implementation of effective strategies and solutions now.      

By effectively integrating Workforce Resourcing as a key element within an overall Workforce Labour Supply Forecasting process HR Departments will ensure that a high degree of alignment and cohesiveness exists between future Succession Planning, Talent Management or Multi-Skilling programs and the forecast labour supply needs of their organisation. Not to mention the added capacity to extrapolate labour resourcing requirements out over a timeframe of several years rather than for just several months.
Stephen Moore is the Founder and Managing Director of Optimum Performance Human Resources Consultants. He will be facilitating the Workforce Planning & Resourcing Masterclass in September.

After more than 20 years in corporate life Stephen Moore established Optimum Performance Human Resources Consultants way back in 1995 with the joint objectives of empowering and enabling astute HR professionals to:
1. Develop and implement advanced programs and services that would continuously improve workforce management and performance within their organisations
2. Progressively transform their HR Departments from an operational support role to that of value-added business partner, thereby achieving “C” level recognition and support.


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