26 August 2015

Why online learning was right for me…

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Last week Theo Teeder from Chisholm Online was featured on the blog asking: What does an online learning world look like for you?

This month marks one year since I began studying in a completely online setting through Deakin University and Theo’s blog has got me to reflecting as to why I chose online study.

When deciding to return to tertiary studies, many professional are plagued by the same question:

Do I have time for this?

The adoption of technology by the education sector has made balancing a full-time career with achieving a tertiary qualification possible. By placing the content in the student’s hands online delivered courses provide all of the learning with none of the travel and scheduling requirements of traditional study.

In my opinion there are three reasons why online learning was right for me:

1.       Flexibility

Like most people based in Sydney, I have a substantial commute each day. Whereas previously this was lost time I am now able to use those 2 hours each day to stay in touch with course content. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer to burn the midnight oil, your ‘classroom’ is always open online, which make squeezing it into a work schedule all the more achievable.

2.       Support

In answer to Theo’s questions: What is the student experience like? While there is no true substitute for face to face connection, an accessible and supportive online environment goes a long way toward developing rapport and enhancing the student experience. Relatively simple things such as scheduling dedicated online classes for assignment questions can make autonomous study feel collaborative.

3.       Practical

Last but not least, my experience with online education has been highly practical. Let’s face it, those who return to study while working aren’t looking for lofty and philosophical discussion, they want practical takeaways to apply in the workplace. The added benefit of balancing work and study is students won’t leave a class asking: Will this work in reality? They can walk into work the following morning and try it!

The education sector’s adoption of technology has greatly increased the appeal and accessibility for further education for many, significantly reducing the most common barrier, time poorness, and making personal development achievable.

Having unfulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an international spy, Ellise is loving her position as Conference Production Manager at Akolade. Her favourite thing about the role is that it allows her to stay abreast of the latest news across a variety of industries while constantly learning from experts in their field.

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