29 January 2016

Tips for improving your email marketing campaign click-through rates

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In a recent survey by Marketing Charts, over 30% of email marketers’ top focus for 2016 is to increase subscribers’ engagement rate, followed by improving segmentation and targeting.

Click rates generally tells the marketing team how the useful their content is. Decreasing click through rates is an increasing problem for the success of email marketing campaigns. In a survey of 303 email marketers, over 53% of the people have indicated that low click-through rates has been their biggest obstacle, followed by the lack of an effective strategy.

Research shows that mobile devices have a lower click through rate than desktops, which has accounted for 72% of the click throughs. A reason for this is because mobile devices have a smaller screen, providing poor user experience as it makes navigating on websites more difficult than PCs. 

As emails are considered the most effective form of digital marketing, it is crucial for marketers to form a strategy that will increase their email click through rates. Here are some tips for you to get started:

Targeting your content to a smaller, segmented list

It is crucial to understand what type of content is relevant to your target market. It is also important to note that not all content will suit your market and if all your clients have been receiving a generic email, they may delete or unsubscribe from your emails if the content is irrelevant to them. To improve on the click rates, you can cut down on the number of people you are sending the email to by segmenting and targeting the market to a niche list.

Make your links effective

Research has shown that it is best to avoid generic phrases such as “click here” as readers are uncertain where the link will go to. To make your links relevant to your audience, your link should be descriptive and concise, and have the link directed to the most relevant information. For example, if you are selling a service, direct your link to the services website rather than your general business website.

Embed more links

Users have had success with including multiple links to the same content within the email. This is best used for campaigns with a direct call to action such as prompting people to “donate now”. Instead of having one link with the call to action, place several around the email such as the start of the email, within the body of the text and at the end of the email.

Test your campaigns

To determine which email is most captivating for your audience, create separate email campaigns and take a small sample of audience to test the campaigns on. Once you have the statistics, you can send the remainder of your database with the email that has performed the best. Make sure you keep track of your best performing campaigns so you can always use these as a basis for your future ones.

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