24 February 2016

41% of Managers too busy for workplace diversity

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Do you know what the biggest reason for why companies can’t have a diverse workforce?
41% of the managers claim they are “too busy.

Besides making diverse companies look better to the public eye, companies need a diverse workforce to give wider perspectives and can contribute to different things the company is working for. 

By being diverse, a company recognises that individuals have different traits and characteristics, which sets them apart from the rest of the society.  Diversity can be in many different formsincluding: gender, age, race, sexual orientation, physical qualities, disability, education level, life experience, work experience, socio-economic background, personality, marital status, carers responsibilities, religious beliefs, geographic location, income level and many more.

To have an inclusive company culture is to value, respect and support the staff for their individual needs and ensure that the right conditions are in place for each person to achieve their full potential. This should be reflected in the company’s culture, practices, visions and relationships that support a diverse workplace.

What are the advantages of having a diverse workforce?

Increase in creativity

Having a diverse company allows businesses to deliver and connect with a wider range of customers and engages employees to bring in different ideas and perspectives to the workplace. By bringing in people from different backgrounds, the company can benefit from different solutions or ideas for resolving an issue.

Increase in productivity

Workforce diversity will see an increase in productivity and competitive advantage. It increases employee morale and encourages them to work more efficiently and effectively. Diverse leadership within the company will also see new skills and methods to manage teams and improving productivity.

Language skills

Global companies or companies that are planning to expand in the global market will benefit greatly by employing people of diverse language backgrounds. For example, by hiring a Chinese person who can speak Chinese and understand the Chinese culture will have an easier time when communicating with Chinese companies. Also, companies who employ people of different nationalities will increase the reputation of the company in the global market, usually meaning an increase of presence and sales.

Positive reputation

Job seekers are drawn to companies with a diverse workforce as they feel they would not be discriminated. Employees like to know they will be treated fairly and respected the same way regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity. Companies will also have a higher morale amongst their staff and be able to retain their high talent.

Recognising diversity involves valuing individual differences people and positively embrace and support these unique characteristics to the benefit of the company.

Being brought up in a typical Chinese family in Australia, Vivian takes pride as an ABC (Australia-born Chinese) where she happily embraces both the Chinese and Australian cultures. 

In high school, Vivian wanted to become a fashion designer, however she has developed a passion for running events after working backstage for multiple live shows. Prior to starting at Akolade, Vivian worked 4 years in the wine industry and she misses the wine tasting sessions and openly drinking on the job. As the Marketing Coordinator, Vivian enjoys using her creativity to design unique and fun campaigns for each event. In her spare time, Vivian loves to spend time with her two adorable cat and dog. 

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