21 March 2016

What is your life purpose?

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“We don’t ever find our purpose by looking for it. Our purpose already lies within us.” Anonymous

If you’re like me, you would have wondered and worried about your life purpose at some point in your life.

Growing up I admired those people who had a life purpose – those who knew who they were, what they did, who they did it for, what those people want and need and how they changed as a result.

One of the most difficult things that happens when you meet people for the first time is they ask you this question; “So what do you do?”

And for some of us that’s a really challenging question, particularly if you’re in a moment in life where you’re in between things, you’re feeling vulnerable or not defined, what you seem to do isn’t what you really do or what you’re paid to do isn’t how you define yourself.

For myself, I look at what inspires me each day. My faith and my mum are who I take inspiration from on a daily basis. It is this context that I am challenged to consider the interest of others more than my own. I can honestly say that the joy I have experienced in my life from selflessly giving to a cause far greater than myself is a far better than the joy I received from something that was materialistic or about myself.

I have learnt that the most successful people always, in any field, focus on the people that they serve rather than serving themselves. Possibly the greatest example of inspiration in my life is my mum who has gone through so much adversity to raise myself and my siblings into the people we are today. She always makes it a point to make other people happy and do things that make us feel well taken care of and secure. She taught me that if you make other people happy then life teaches us that we will be taken care of too.

To find out what your life purpose is you need to ask yourself – what is the one thing you feel supremely qualified that you could teach others? And what gives you energy and joy when you’re doing it?

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