23 May 2016

Hot off the press: Government funding for AMS

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The 2016 Federal Budget has unveiled some great news for healthcare practitioners, promising a $9.4 million investment in response to the growing threat of superbugs.

Superbugs, more formally known as antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occur when organisms undergoing antibiotic treatment are able fight back against the antibiotic, rendering them ineffective.
AMR has worsened over time largely due to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. Interestingly enough, Australia has one of the highest rates of antibiotic use in the OECD region; whilst a whopping one third of prescriptions are inappropriate for the patient’s condition.  

With the rise of AMR these statistics are very scary!  The World Health Organisation has released a statement, saying that by 2050, there will be approximately 10 million deaths per year as a result.

One of the biggest issues which healthcare practitioners currently face in Australia (in relation to combatting AMR) has been the limited availability of resources. Whilst Australia has taken several steps to combat the threat of superbugs – foremost a series of national, antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) initiatives - we are still lagging behind.  

With recent announcements in the Federal Budget dedicating significant funding for antimicrobial research and the ability to leverage AMS activities, this is an exciting time for healthcare practitioners.

Come along to Akolade’s 2nd Annual ForumTargeting and Evaluating Antimicrobial Stewardship. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to hear from leading healthcare practitioners, provide practical strategies on ways which healthcare practitioners can enact AMS practices within their organisations. 

Come and listen to the likes of:

  • Dr Klara Tisocki from the World Health Organisation, on ways to leverage limited resources for AMS.   
  • Maria Gorton from Maitland Private Hospital, on implementing an appropriate AMS program into a smaller facility. 
  • Lesley Lewis from Northeast Health Wangaratta, on exploring the value of an interdisciplinary team. 

Ashley has lived on Manly beachfront her entire life – she worships the sun and chases it year round. Having recently finished her Bachelor of Business in Portugal’s gorgeous capital, Lisbon, she thought that producing conferences at Akolade would be a great new experience.  Ashley loves her new dinner-time conversation, enlightening people on her research topics! 

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