28 July 2016

Pokémon Go – It’s more than just a game

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A common problem we find and often complain about in our younger generations is that they are constantly at home playing computer games or head down playing with their smart phones.

Seeing this common daily phenomenon, parents are often worried that their kids are unable to socialise or communicate with other people in the “real world”.

The explosively popular Pokémon Go, which was released two weeks ago, has taken over the social media and mobile apps by storm and is now the biggest mobile game in U.S. history where they have surpassed the number of users as Twitter within the first three days of launch.

The augment reality game uses real-time tracking location has located Pokémon around suburbs and popular landmarks all across the city. The aim is for players to capture these Pokémon and is required to physically walk around as they “gotta catch ‘em all”. As a result, this has been a huge motivation for the young people to go outside to walk around to find them and interact with other people.

In the game, players can use lure at designated areas, attracting more wild Pokémon to the area. As a result, this can attract many other players to the same area to take advantage of the function. It is common to find people in the same area cheering, chattering and becoming excited when a new Pokémon appears on screens or comparing how each other’s collection of Pokémon or helping each other to capture more Pokémon. Many players have enjoyed this new-found community and friends via this game, thus pushing the popularity of the game higher.

This game has also brought along many positive health and social benefits. Aside from getting these young players to go outside and exercise, this game has provided a great platform for people to talk about and interact on the streets, something they may normally not be comfortable in doing otherwise.

This game has also reportedly helped people overcome anxiety and mental issues by being more active. As this game encourages people to run around to locate Pokémon, there have been many reports of how this has drawn people together and connect over a common platform.

There have been many heart-warming stories on how Pokemon has helped them with their mental health as well as parents who are grateful for the invention of Pokemon. 

Since the launch of Pokemon Go, it has changed the lives of many people in terms of how people interact with technology and each other. Pokemon Go is the beginning of a new technological transformation and it is anticipated that more games will arise with a similar concept, so keep your eyes open and don’t forget to look up from your mobile device once in a while to meet and socialise with “real” people!

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