04 November 2016

Virtual technology meets fashion

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Who can honestly say they grew up watching Clueless and weren’t obsessed over Cher Horowitz’s virtual closet? Now almost 2 decades later, the way technology is moving, you can. Technology is constantly changing and so is fashion. What happens when the two collide?

Wearable technologies are becoming one of the biggest opportunities in the tech industries and we are now beginning to see them appear on every item of clothing possible.

With more people shopping online, shopping centres are exploring ways of bringing the virtual online world to the high street.

Take for example; Westfield Group, who own shopping centres throughout the world, have even set up Westfield Labs that explores how social, mobile and digital technologies can bring the digital and physical shopping experience together. The labs include a co-working and demonstration place called Bespoke, where innovators and retail start-ups can work, hold events and demonstrate new products. Smart glass, fashion incubators, and virtual reality are part of the futuristic landscape.

In May 2014, Misfit Wearables launched a necklace called ‘The Bloom’ which is a pendant with the Shine software inside. The software is an activity monitor, which can be worn anywhere and tracks your daily activities. It measures your footsteps and your goals. Misfit Wearables was just one of many companies looking at innovative ways to using jewellery to explore internet connected objects.

Luxury brands are also exploring new ways to showcase innovation — take for example, Diane von Furstenberg’s design collaboration with Google Glass, the wearable that has been criticised for not being sexy enough for regular use, is part of a larger trend to integrate wearables more easily into consumers’ lifestyles.

“Technology is your best accessory,” Furstenberg says.

This is definitely a growing industry and one that we should keep an eye out for. Who knows what other creative and innovative ideas will come next?

The best part of my job as an Assistant General Manager – Production is to create and manage my own conferences from concept to delivery, identify future conference topics as well as giving me a chance to expand my business card collection. Having a bit of a sweet tooth, you will always find me having lollies on my desk or you will catch me browsing on fashion sites during lunch breaks.

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