15 March 2017

Snapchat - still a big thing to engage students

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Snapchat is Australia’s 5th social media channel with 4,000,000 daily active users, 1 in every 6 Australians, and with its largest audience aged 18-24 (31%), followed by 25-34-year-olds (28%), 13-17 (23%) and 35+ (18%).

As statistics show, millennials have fully adapted to using Snapchat on a daily basis and others shouldn’t be afraid to do the same as there can be significant benefits.

Even though Facebook is Australia’s (and a global) favourite, and despite being compared to Facebook back in 2004 as a new platform still waiting to see engagement from non-early adopters, Snapchat is already a major marketing platform for many businesses – and especially for universities.

As a favourite amongst the younger generations, Snapchat is also the favourite app for students.

With more than 70% of college students accessing Snapchat at least once a day and half of students using the app as a main source of communication, undoubtedly universities need to get involved.

Universities can use this app for multiple benefits – to attract prospective students, engage with the community of current students and alumni on an informal and conversational level, add a sense of exclusivity to stories shared, and much more.

Snapchat also offers the opportunity for universities to speak to students how they want to be spoken to and where, and ask particular questions which can enhance their engagement and performance.

During the student application process, potential applicants may not want to hear the same old pitch from an admissions officer – but instead, think about the connection they could make if they were put in touch with an actual student who is sharing their story on Snapchat.

This can create real and dynamic connections which can make all the difference.

With a successful immersive Snapchat campaign for its 2016 Open Day and stating it as the “perfect platform” to demonstrate what is like to be a student at USYD, University of Sydney will present a Snapchat case study at Akolade’s Social Media for Higher Education Conference, coming to Sydney on the 3rd-5th May 2017.

Jenna Bradwell, Student Marketing Officer and Social Media Specialist at the University of Sydney, will share her strategies to help social media leaders establish campaign goals (engaging and retaining), leverage new channels to diversify engagement methods, enhance the student experience, and build a following.

*Statistics compiled by SocialMediaNews.com.au for January 2017.

Written by: Vanessa Carvalho

Coming directly from the enormous and busy Sao Paulo city, Vanessa is now enjoying all the Sydney’s pretty views and beach lifestyle.

With a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and more than 7 years’ experience in international corporate events, she’s the new addition to Akolade’s multicultural team. Despite her shyness, she is bringing a little bit of the cheerful Brazilian culture to our office, especially typical food.

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