17 May 2017

Warming up to aged care

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It's a fact, we will all get old one day – and what we do then or where we are, are questions we all will have to ask.

Moving into an aged care facility can be a rather unpleasant thought. Not only for ourselves, but the idea of having to move loved ones into a facility can also be unsettling.

I think I’m not alone in wanting to give back to my parents and ensure they have the absolute best life and care as they continue to age.

There are some horror stories about how elder customers are being maltreated while in residential care. So it’s perhaps not difficult to understand the added reluctance to leave your loved one in the care of someone else.

The least we can do is to ensure we find a care provider that we can trust. One that makes sure our parents, relatives and loved ones are cared for with dignity and respect. One that ensures their retirement is well spent. And one that ensures their particular needs are cared for.

Australia’s aged care reform is meant to guarantee all that by putting the customer in focus.

Although many aged care providers are currently struggling with the reform and all the changes it brings, with a future-orientated view, I hope it is for the better.

Akolade has recently released two collocated aged care events bringing together key leaders to share with you their strategies on how to embrace the reform and enhance your organisation's processes to ensure the best quality of care for customers.

Don't miss the Future of Aged Care Summit and the Dementia Care Delivery Summit being held on the 29th-30th August 2017 in Sydney.

Written by: Mimmie Wilhelmson

Mimmie grew up in Sweden and first came to Australia as a backpacker after high school. After travelling around the country for two years she returned to Europe and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism in London. But the longing for Australia and the sun became too strong. After having worked for some time in the media industry, Mimmie decided to make a change and swap the news for conferences. She now gets to do what she loves the most, meeting new people and keep learning about cultures and issues while producing conferences on current topics.

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