24 August 2017

The NDIS Rollout – where are we now?

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme means big change in the way people with a disability are cared for in Australia.

It’s a critical time for disability service providers, who must be ready to adapt their service delivery models to accommodate and overcome new pressures. As the scheme transitions to full roll-out across Australia, strategic business planning is more essential than ever and sustainability must be assessed.

However, as with any major large-scale reform like the NDIS, the scheme has had its successes and shortfalls.

Social Services Minister Christian Porter has recently stated that the number of participants receiving support has reached the 100,000 mark.

“One year into the national rollout of the NDIS we have 100,000 people with disability living more independent lives, ­accessing the services and equipment they need, participating in their communities, entering the workforce and contributing to the economy,” he said. 

However, the $22 billion scheme is not without its shortfalls.

Even as the 100,000 person milestone is passed, the NDIS rollout is still behind schedule one year down the line. The scheme has been fraught with issues, including shortage of support workers, faulty web portal, and low pay rates to care service providers.

Though the NDIA say improvements are being made to address cost pressures, individual package costs continue to increase above inflation.

Some of these pressures are an inevitable consequence of large-scale change, but some is avoidable. The scheme is at risk of a cost blow-out because more children than expected are signing up to the scheme.

At the Improving NDIS Service Delivery Outcomes event, we’re bringing industry experts together to discuss the best approaches to tackling these issues. Looking to the future of the NDIS, how can we ensure the success of this scheme? 

Written by: Beth Hampton

Beth came to Australia in late 2016. Having spent some time travelling through Southeast Asia and briefly living in Singapore – she was ready to embrace the lifestyle of a working Sydneysider!

Beth grew up in London, and completed her degree in Psychology at the University of York. She always dreamed of landing a job in the police, but figured it was worth swapping the handcuffs and late shifts for an exciting new city and a job full of fun and opportunity in a fantastic company like Akolade!

Beth loves cooking, playing the piano, terrible British soap operas, an ice-cold G&T and exploring new places.

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