06 September 2017

Australasian Supply Chain Institute and Akolade form exclusive endorsement partnership

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Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI) and Akolade have announced an exclusive endorsement partnership for Akolade’s supply chain-relation conferences.

The strategic collaboration between ASCI and Akolade includes the co-development of conference programming, co-promotion of conferences, and most importantly, CPD point allocation via a new ASCI Continuous Development Program that ASCI Members can attain for global certification maintenance.

ASCI is Australasia’s Premier Professional Supply Chain Community, operating as a non-profit, membership community. As an Institute, ASCI is committed to facilitating and enabling the development and professionalisation of the Australasian Supply Chain Community.

At ASCI, we’re passionate about helping organisations re-position themselves for sustainability in light of the major disruptions that Australian businesses are facing today,” said Dr Pieter Nagel, CEO, Nagel. “In essence, we’re about professionalising supply chain management so that a standard level of qualification is recognised, accepted and tested by industry. Integral to this purpose is our Continuous Professional Development program that ensures ASCI Members have the relevant skills and knowledge to secure their careers in the disruptive business environment and maintain those global certifications that require maintenance.

“This strategic partnership acknowledges the quality and relevance of Akolade’s leading-edge, well researched events,” said Dr Pieter Nagel.  “It allows for ASCI Members to receive special conference rates and CPD points for their global certification maintenance.”

Under the collaboration, CPD points will be allocated by ASCI to Akolade conferences according to their relevance. APICS certification designees must accrue 75 points over three years to maintain their global certification. They can obtain these points through APICS events or through ASCI-related or endored events where CPD points are allocated. The points are also applicable to those designees of the Demand Driven Institute global certifications.

Akolade has a showcase of events that demonstrate its breadth and relevance to the supply chain industry and of which ASCI will be the exclusive endorsement partner;
·         Retail Fulfilment Summit 2018 (26th – 28th February 2018)
·         IBP Summit (April 2018)

According to Fred Adel, Managing Director, Akolade, ASCI’s collaboration is an obvious fit.
“We’ve been working with ASCI now for two years and, in that time, have collaborated on point allocation and conference promotion to ASCI Members on an ad hoc basis. This strategic collaboration allows both parties to work strategically to ensure that latest industry developments and best practice global supply chain trends and thought leadership are brought to the Australian supply chain community.”

ASCI and Akolade have established working groups for conference program research, marketing and sponsorships to ensure that the very best supply chain conferences in the Australian business marketplace.

About ASCI
Established in Australia in 1963 as a not for profit organisation, apicsAU, now trading as Australasian Supply Chain Institute (ASCI), facilitates and enables the development and professionalisation of the Australasian Professional Supply Chain Community. 
ASCI provides formal education programs, site visits, research, industry presentations and peer learning to its members with a range of opportunities to enrich and grow professional supply chain performance and competence. ASCI is a Premier Channel Partner of APICS and offers APICS certification programs in Australia, as well as other international supply chain management certifications. 
ASCI membership is available to individuals and provides access to educational programs, a network of industry professionals, real-world learning opportunities, resources and social media networks.

Please visit www.asci.org.au for more information about our memberships and programs.

Guest Blog Written By: Monique Fenech
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