11 September 2017

The early education sector is changing- are you ready?

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An already complex sector has been rocked again this week with findings that over the past year the government has caught 52 family day care providers pocketing subsidies for ‘phantom children’.

With the reputation of many early education providers now at stake, it is vital centres establish strong community relationships and partnerships to drive sustained enrolments and preserve their reputation has a quality provider.

The news comes alongside the decision of thousands of childcare workers around Australia to strike this week in demand of higher wages.

Thursday’s strike was the biggest early education walk-off in Australian history and affected as many as ten thousands families. It’s also the sector’s second walk-off this year.

In a sector of more than 80,000 early education workers,
It takes educators 18 months to acquire the qualifications they need and most graduate with a HECS debt of over $25,000.

Many childhood educators are on the lowest wages of any sector at only $21.29 per hour.
Jess Liersh, Melbourne-based early education worker, told news.com.au that she was walking off the job “to show Malcolm Turnbull that I will not be treated like a doormat — not anymore”.
She says that, “it’s time we are paid like the professionals we are. Australia would grind to a halt without us. If that’s what it takes. That’s what we’ll do.”
In an increasingly turbulent sector it is crucial early education centres optimise their business strategies to remain financially viable.

Akolade’s Early Education and Care Business Growth Forum, being held at the Swissotel Sydney this December, brings together 20+ sector leaders to share case studies and strategies to ensure ongoing business sustainability.

Written by: Claire Dowler

Claire Dowler is a Senior Conference Producer with Akolade. She recently graduated with a double degree: a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Media and Communications Studies majoring in International Communication. Claire minored in sarcasm and puns.

A ballroom-dancer who collects salt and pepper shakers and volunteers for animal rescue, you might say Claire has eclectic interests.

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