21 November 2017

Risk management in the digital age

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It’s no secret that new and emerging threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, widespread and complex globally; As old-world and new-world challenges collide in today’s digital environment, it’s critical that organisations understand how to digitize their existing frameworks and transform current risk practices to reflect new threats.

Although organisations have become reasonably good at managing predictable, lower-level risks, many have a false sense of security about their ability to anticipate and deal with more hazardous fraud threats that evolve rapidly in a digitally-connected world.

Cyber attacks represent a present and growing danger that threatens businesses irrespective of size and sector.

The current size of the cyber breach and privacy market is expected to grow to approximately $5 billion over the next five years as the number of first-time purchasers increases at a rapid pace.
What’s critical, is that organisations embed Cyber-related risk mitigation efforts into their organisational risk management frameworks.

The Australian Cyber, Fraud and Risk Summit is a unique event that will explore some of the most exciting case studies and innovative strategies for responding to new and emerging threats in today’s digital landscape. With powerful keynote presentations and panel discussions from Australia’s leading Fraud, Cyber Fraud and Risk professionals, this event will address the most significant challenges and threats being faced today and uncover the knowledge, strategies and technology to mitigate and overcome them.

It’s a discussion not to be missed – we look forward to seeing you there!

Written by: Beth Hampton

Beth came to Australia in late 2016. Having spent some time travelling through Southeast Asia and briefly living in Singapore – she was ready to embrace the lifestyle of a working Sydneysider!Beth grew up in London, and completed her degree in Psychology at the University of York. She always dreamed of landing a job in the police, but figured it was worth swapping the handcuffs and late shifts for an exciting new city and a job full of fun and opportunity in a fantastic company like Akolade!
Beth loves cooking, playing the piano, terrible British soap operas, an ice-cold G&T and exploring new places.

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