20 June 2018

Increasing need for trust and transparency in the NFP sector

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There is an increasing need for improved trust and transparency among not-for-profits as sex scandals keep damaging the sector.

This comes after revelations that Oxfam UK used sex workers while on a relief mission following an earthquake in Haiti in 2010. There have also been revelations that sex workers from several aid charities have been sexually exploiting victims – including children – by exchanging food and aid for sex.

Unsurprisingly, many not-for-profits are feeling the impacts of the damaging news, not least Oxfam UK, who is expected to make £16 million cuts as a result of decreased financial support, according to documents obtained by the Guardian.

Oxfam UK said they were “devastated” by the scandal, adding it “means we now have less money to provide clean water, food and other support to people who need it.”

The phrase “just the tip of the iceberg” has been used to describe the sexual scandal headlines that have rocked the NFP sector, with boards on organisations everywhere put on high notice that this is fast becoming a sector-wide issue.

Organisations are needing to address transparency and accountability in order to build an evidence base. Being transparent and open with the community about finances, data and behaviour is an essential task in itself.

Controlling the message around an organisations finances, enhancing relationships with stakeholders and demonstrating good governance is crucial. Although aid organisations are under the most pressure now, all not-for-profit organisations should be prepared for scrutiny – transparency is now impossible to avoid.

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Written by: Naomi Neilson

Recently graduated with a Bachelor in Communications with a major in Journalism and Public Relations, Naomi Neilson has jumped straight into the world of media and press with Third Sector. She is motivated and passionate to explore the industry and thrives on creating an interactive and social platform for Third Sectors unique readers.

In her free time she can be found either watching the footy or designing her next big art piece around sourcing stories and engaging with new people.

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