03 August 2018

It’s Show Time! - WA’s New Cyber Security Initiatives

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With Western Australia having launched the Office of Digital Government under the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the importance of driving the public sector’s digital capability have never been greater.

WA’s McGowan Government is now investing more than $500,000 into the creation of a dedicated cybersecurity team to improve public sector cyber security. To put it simply, WA is driving digital and cyber security transformation. They promised a better approach to cyber security and that’s exactly what they are doing.

In summary, the McGowan Government’s approach to cybersecurity is a force to be reckoned with. They are implementing the following:
  • $7.4 million in funding for the new Office of Digital Government
  • More than $500,000 for a new cyber security team, who will develop whole-of-government cyber security initiatives
  •      The establishment of a Cyber Security Reference Group, comprising of representatives from 9 public sector agencies, to support development of a whole-of-government approach to cyber security
  •       A partnership with Edith Cowan University-  a globally recognised cybersecurity institution to collaborate on projects that improve the security of the WA public sector

What begun on July 1 2018 the Office of Digital Government initiated work as a discrete business unit within the Department of Premier Cabinet to drive public sector digital capability and improve cyber security issues that were neglected in the past eight years by the Liberal Government.

In a public statement, ICT Minister Dave Kelly stated “As the business of modern government becomes increasingly driven by technology and data, government must be prepared for the growing threat of cyber attacks”.

In early 2016, a Trojan virus ‘penetrated WA Parliament’s information technology network despite sophisticated firewall virus protection’ and affected key ICT systems. To avoid such a breach, WA is taking key steps to empower the public sector with confidence and systems to ensure that if such a threat occurs again, they are equipped and ready to handle it.

By forging the partnership with Edith Cowan University, the WA Government have made it clear that that they are joining forces to keep Western Australia resilient and safe against all cyber security threats.

The 1st of July 2018 saw Western Australia experience their most trans-formative ride ever. The public sector is joining forces to ensure that WA is prepared for a smarter, safer and reliable Digital WA. It’s Show Time!

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Written by: Vishi Peters 

Vishi is a Conference Producer of Akolade’s Government and Digital portfolio. She has a strong interest in current affairs and enjoys giving an educated opinion about emerging trends. She is passionate about photography, enjoys playing cricket and cooking different cuisines and expanding her knowledge of food.  

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