12 November 2018

Tips to get the most value out of your social media

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Social media is something that will continuously change and develop. With so many new social platforms out there it really becomes difficult to understand where the hype and trend is happening. But for organisations, the question still remains: what is the best way to gain maximum value out of your social media?

Let’s dive into some easy and simply tips that can help you get the most value out of your social media:

            1. Embrace influencer marketing –

sThe power of influencer marketing is increasing than ever before. In 2017 influencer marketing was the fastest-growing online acquisition method of the year! This trend is spreading like wildfire and as a result organisations are spending big bucks on making this part of their social media strategy. By giving people the opportunity to share their passion on certain topics can immensely shape and influence audience opinions. For organisations it’s really about making the right choice with their influencer’ and knowing how much value they can add to your long term goals and strategies. 

2. Establish a solid social media strategy –

It’s easier said than done! Your social media strategy really needs to align with your organisational strategy. What is your organisation about? What services do they provide? How can the benefit everyone? These things should be heavily considered when developing your own social media strategy. Knowing your social platforms and understanding where the hype is occurring can really help the community engage with your business. The content needs to be timely and being able to implement and capitalise on your data can really assist in understanding where the buzz is happening and why. Benchmarking yourselves can push you to stretch your limits and delve into content that you probably wouldn’t touch before.

3. Leverage data  -

Numbers, metrics, data, statistics – these all contribute to provide actionable insights concerning your social media strategy. Some of the raw data that everyone uses are: likes, shares, mentions, comments, hashtag usage, etc. Although this is only bare minimum of what social media strategists look at, but from this we can begin to understand that things like this can help us monitor online social media behaviour.  At the end of the day, organisations use data and analytics to measure their return on investment. If you aren’t getting dollar value out of your social media, then something is amiss. It may be time to reconsider your strategy.
4. Engage your audience  -

Social media isn’t truly active without your audience. Trying to engage the right target audience can be tough. But if you keep your content, short, simple and sweet the target market do respond. The success of your engagement really lies in the way you shape your content. Timely content is key – being ahead of the game and aware of trending news is what keeps your audience engage and your social media alive. Strategically using your hashtags is also another key tip – these hashtags makes it’s easier for people to find you and helps you hop onto trends in your market. Encouraging your audience to share posts can help build audience numbers and ultimately creates an active social network.

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Written by: Vishi Peters 
Vishi is a Conference Producer of Akolade’s Government and Digital portfolio. She has a strong interest in current affairs and enjoys giving an educated opinion about emerging trends. She is passionate about photography, enjoys playing cricket, cooking different cuisines and expanding her food knowledge.   

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