14 May 2015

The top 5 reasons CCTV monitoring promotes safe communities

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Are you aware that your streets are lined with CCTV’s?

Do you feel like you are being watched or stalked by an electronic camera?

The odds are that you most likely are and it’s all for the right reasons. With the Federal Government announcing that Australia’s threat level has increased and the latest NSW recorded crime statistics report highlighting that crime is increasing in areas such as theft, domestic violence and assault – the feeling of being ‘watched’ is oddly reassuring to me. 
Australia has picked up on the global trend from Europe on monitoring public spaces and there has been increasing support from the government in terms of funding for CCTV projects. Mike Baird has recently mentioned in an article that the government will offer further $10 million to fund projects that will help communities fight anti-social behaviour which includes CCTV projects.

There is much debate around the use of CCTV and whether it should be categorised as a crime prevention or crime detection tool.  There is also speculation and discussion around legal and privacy issues around CCTVs. Undoubtedly, there are advantages and disadvantages in using CCTV and there are many controversies on whether this is a sound investment.

However it can be unanimously agreed that CCTV’s play a vital role in crime prevention and in keeping communities safe. Here are the top 5 reasons on how these contribute to community safety:    

1.    As an ‘all seeing eye’ it promotes public and property safety:

·         CCTVs are strategically placed to monitor a wide area which can be monitored on a 24 hour basis.

2.    Studies have shown that it helps deter crime:

·     There is evidence that CCTVs help target antisocial behaviour across entertainment and late night precincts

2.    CCTV footage serves as strong evidence in court:

·     The images and video footages from CCTV can prove to be an effective tool in either proving someone guilty or eliminating them as a suspect.   

3.    It increases the security around business:

·      It provides an increased sense of safety and business owners are more at ease since shoplifters are less likely to commit crimes around businesses that are protected by CCTVs

4.    Last but not least it increases the public perception of safety within the communities:

·     The physical and visual presence of surveillance creates a safe and secure environment.

CCTVs are quickly becoming part of our everyday landscape. The reality is that we are being ‘watched’ by the government and this is a very costly process.

However if CCTVs prove to prevent a crime or deter criminal activity – I am certain that we’ll be seeing more streets lined with CCTVs in the near future.  

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