13 July 2015

3 simple ways to getting involved in the Not for Profit sector

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Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations promote involvement and engagement in society in order to carry out the overarching mission to make our community a better place for all. In this blog, I discuss how everyone can find a way to become involved and support a Not for Profit organisation in three different but very realistic ways.

1.       Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to use your time to not only help others, but help yourself. With a gigantic range of volunteering opportunities throughout Australia, there is something for everyone. There are a number of reasons to why someone becomes a volunteer, one being to help others.  Whether you plan to volunteer for a week or ten years, these experiences can also help you as an individual and enhance your skills.  
So why would you volunteer? Alex Jobin, a current volunteer at GoodOnYou and past volunteer at Amnesty International said “I decided to volunteer as I knew I needed to enhance my resume before I entered the working world. It is so vital to ensure you stand out from others in interviews and having volunteering experiences enables this.”
Want to find yourself a volunteering opportunity? Look no further, Probono has a wide range of volunteering opportunities in all sectors across Australia, open this link and start searching!

2.       Looking for your next career move? Get a job in the Not for Profit sector!

Not for Profits careers are not just jobs, but lifelong career choices that can be extremely rewarding and change the lives of those needing support. There is a huge variety of careers within Not for Profit organisations from a CEO to a social worker and a role that can be found from those new to the workforce or those ready to take their next step in senior management position.
If you are able to use your skills and identify which ones are transferable, then you are already on a great start. Aligning your own personal values with the organisations is also an extremely important step to transitioning to a career in a Not for Profit.
Not know where to start? Probono and EthicalJobs are two top sites for finding your next career!

3.       Give, Give, Give!

From a one off donation to a monthly donor, giving your spare change is one way to support not for profits sustainability and aid continuous improvements for their services. Through identifying what organisation is close to your heart and why you support their mission, you will sure find a reason to make donations.
Got a free weekend? Arrange a fundraising event!

Many organisations will provide online information packs for people who wish to organise their own fundraising event. This can be a great excuse for a social event with all your friends and family or something to focus on outside of your job.

Take a look at the following links for some inspiration to set up your own at home fundraising event…

So, whether you are giving up your spare time or taking the next step of a career change, becoming involved with the Not for Profit sector is possible for everyone. Not only will you be giving something back to the community, you will learn and develop life time skills to boost your experiences and resume. 
As a tomboy child, Holly enjoyed watching wrestling and was The Rock’s biggest fan. She is from a tiny farming village in the north of England and has moved to Sydney to enjoy the city lifestyle. As a conference producer at Akolade, Holly enjoys researching with and learning from key professionals within a range of sectors to produce timely conferences. Furthermore, Holly enjoys how each day in the life of a conference producer is always different and exciting!

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