04 August 2015

How to improve your organic reach on Facebook

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If you can afford fancy paying ad campaigns to boost your reach on Facebook, then by all means please go ahead and enjoy. The unfortunate truth though is that one of the greatest challenges encountered by the public sector when implementing their social media strategies is not enough funding.
There is widespread cynicism about the feasibility of being successful on social media without forking out tons of money on advertisement, especially when it comes to Facebook which keeps on changing its algorithms. That being said, there still remains a few who believe that increasing your community engagement through organic reach is achievable.

Apply these 5 tips inspired by the Social Media Examiner along with a little planning, determination and rigour and you are sure to see a boost in your Facebook organic reach.

1.       Produce continually relevant SEO content

Evergreen content – aka SEO content that continues to be relevant past its publication – can have perpetual online life. Make sure to elongate your posts’ lifespan by publishing rich content that your audience will be sharing and re-engaging with way past the minute you initially published it. And if you run out of content ideas, you will easily be able to pull out this old post from the vaults!

2.       Publish better quality content less often

The eternal debate: quality or quantity? According to the Social Media Examiner, it is better to publish high quality content and to do so less frequently. According to Facebook, the prime reason why organic reach is declining is because more content is being created and there is less time to absorb it all. To manage this, Facebook adds on our News Feed what they believe we are most likely to find relevant. That being said, only you can experiment and figure out how many posts is the optimal number to improve your reach.

3.       Use Facebook’s organic posts targeting

You probably have a user persona in mind for your target audience. Play around with Facebook’s organic posts targeting to ensure that the core group of people you want to reach are actually seeing your message. Consequently, the people who are most likely to really want to engage with your post will see it appear on their News Feed.

4.       Post when your audience is online

Hop on to your Facebook Insights to know when your ‘followers’ are most active. Beat the 3-pm-is-the-best-time-to-post traffic and aim for when your audience is online instead.

5.       Choose types of content that your audience will engage with

Users on Facebook won’t expect the same content as users on Twitter. Know your public and what they want to see if your goal is to engage them. For example, videos are more likely to resonate with Facebook users compared to photos. Again, don’t take these words for gospel: familiarise yourself with your audience by using Facebook Insights to see what they prefer. 

Do you have any tips on how to use Facebook to your advantage? Please share them in the comment section below!

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