09 November 2015

Expert advice on transfer of care for complex consumers

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While enabling older people to have control over the services they receive is increasingly important, in order for consumer directed care to be successful, it is crucial for health and aged care providers to understand what consumers expect from the teams transitioning them back into their homes, communities or residential care.

In the lead up to Akolade’s Transfer of Care for Complex Consumers Conference we’ve spoken to one of our expert speakers, Walter de Ruyter, Service Manager from UnitingCare Ageing and former Director of Nursing at Shoalhaven District Hospital.  Here’s what he had to say...

1.       What are older peoples’ expectations of aged care services?

Consumers are increasingly aware they will need to access complex care as they age and will be required to pay a greater portion of this care be it in their home or elsewhere. The emerging expectation is for this care to be provided in their homes (point of need) where ever that may be rather than travelling long distances and waiting extended times to access this care. A comment from a consumer was; “the staff were nice but I felt like a widget on a production line…I wanted to be home”.

2.       What does this mean for professionals involved in transfer of care?

In answering; what is the best collective use of community resources and funding models to better support the health and wellbeing of each and every member of our community.  What are the gaps, where are the networked solutions, what funding models can be adapted and are we all in good faith working to the best interest of the consumer?  Established professions exist and grow because they continually adapt to various models and locations for the provision of care. The majority do it now; they just need to be given the opportunity to do it better. 

3.       Why are we increasingly talking about complex consumers?

People are living longer than ever before and many of our friends, family and ourselves will be affected by chronic health problems and disease such as dementia. Media health stories constantly tell us this is to be expected. Many requiring care will be Baby Boomers which has transformed every market as they have aged. This group will take to consumer directed care as a duck takes to water. The Baby Boomer generation will strongly influence how health and care funding will be spent and it would be foolish to second guess this consumer group by providing more of the same when they are elderly. 

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Although Alexandra didn’t know much about conference production before first coming across this opportunity with Akolade, she has quickly become passionate about her job. Gaining in-depth knowledge in a variety of new fields without going through exam stress? Who could ask for more? If ever you speak to Alexandra and wonder what that funny accent is, it is from Quebec, French-speaking Canada. Do not hesitate to ask Alexandra about her former life on the 47th parallel; she will be thrilled to talk to you about snow storms, skiing and -35⁰c!

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