01 December 2015

2016 and beyond: The Future of HR

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The notion that HR initiatives contribute to overall business success is well accepted among Australian industry, however the degree to which this belief is embedded varies greatly between organisations.

Having examined the innovative HR practices of three Australian companies; Accenture, Linked In, and Stockland , there are three things they all do consistently…

They care what employees think…

Having identified the impact office design has on engagement and productivity LinkedIn went to great lengths to ensure employees wants and needs in an office were heard when outlining the design of its new Sydney workplace. Results are clear as senior managers say the new workspace is a place employees find hard to leave.

In examining the process of redefining the organisations purpose Stockland Group Executive and COO Michael Rosmarin outlines the key role company culture made to its success.

“If you want alignment and for people to be connected, they need to know how things will impact them and what they can do to help achieve that strategy,” Rosmarin said.

Accenture has taken the bold move to abolish annual performance reviews as of September (a move most managers would love to follow).  Taking management feedback on-board, that the process was dissatisfying and labour intensive despite a low return on investment, the organisation chose to change the process entirely.

They evaluate…

They understand the need to consistently evaluate changes and to enable a continuous improvement loop.

"The smartest companies are asking, how do we get the best value out of the time and money we are spending?" Brian Kropp, HR practice leader for CEB.

They challenge the status quo…

In one way or another each of the case studies outlined above have challenged the status quo and taken a calculated risk. Time will tell how many of these initiatives will become commonplace. 

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