18 December 2015

7 tips for paying it forward this Christmas

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So it’s that time of year again. We have just mounted our office Christmas tree. It stands tall and sparkly as a reminder that the festive season is just around the corner!

As we all tinker away at our keyboards, we dream of gift ideas for our loved ones, salty summer swims, and bubbles filling our glasses.

However, with 105, 237 people homeless across the country, Christmas is also a very difficult time for many less fortunate Australians. According to Homelessness Australia, on any given night in Australia 1 in 200 are homeless.

CEO of Homelessness Australia, Glenda Stevens says "Christmas can be a particularly hard time for people experiencing homelessness… Uncertainty and fear is a reality faced by too many Australians. Where will they sleep, will they be able to provide presents for their children, or even if they will be able to get a meal. People are more likely to experience homelessness than diabetes, asthma or arthritis."

What can we do to give back this year? This is the question we, at Akolade have also been asking ourselves.

Here are a few tips we came up with for companies and individuals looking to make a difference this year:

  1. Purchase your company Christmas cards from a charity this year where proceeds go back to supporting the great work of the Australian NFP sector. This is our personal favourite: http://www.charitycardmarket.com.au/
  2. If you are a B2B or even B2C company offer a pro-bono services or free product for clients who would ordinarily be unable to afford it. Check out our Not for Profit Income Generation event for inspiration (scholarships on offer)
  3. Offer your employees one day’s unpaid leave dedicated to community work of their choice
  4. Pay forward your company Kris Kringle gifts this year to a nominated charity of your choice chances are you’ll be receiving ‘another’ something that you have loads of anyway!
  5. Through your marketing channels promote the work of a charity doing great work in your community… Shout out to Alzheimer’s Australia NSW!
  6. Arrange a lunch time screening of Hector this year’s ‘alternative’ Christmas feel good film
  7. If you're stocking up on wine for your office Christmas party instead of skipping down to the local bottle shop, order a batch from a cause like Oxfam wines or NCCNSW's Organic Wine Club… its bound to taste just a little sweeter!

So spread a little Christmas cheer this year.

Merry Christmas!

From a young age Luana wanted to become a teacher. She would line up her teddies in a row and teach them for hours on end. However, she eventually grew tired of their nonchalance and has ended up leading a team of producers instead- which she finds far more fulfilling and stimulating!  
Luana comes from an experienced production and management background. She has produced and topic generated events across Asia and Australia. Luana enjoys learning about emerging trends and drivers for change and loves the notion of the 'butterfly effect'- that change can start small but grow immeasurably through a ripple effect.

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