04 December 2015

Key tips and takeaways from Akolade's Social Media for Gov Conference

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Social media has become an important part of our lives. With the whole-of-government web guidance falling under the Digital Transformation Office’s (DTO) responsibility come 1 July, it is clear that social media has become a central tool in the government’s community engagement strategy.
Last week, Akolade hosted the Social Media for Government conference at the Crowne Plaza in Melbourne. This series focused on building participative government and had attracted delegates from all levels of the government across Australia.
Across the two days, delegates discussed a plethora of topics including how to generate rich and high quality content, promoting your content via relevant channels to reach your target audience, new techniques to effectively measure ROI, coordinating with your staff to strengthen the company’s web presence.
Even though speakers were discussing different topics, there has been common advice shared. Top tips include:
·         Encourage a two-way engagement with your audience
·         Ensure your content is useful, interesting and timely
·         Increase transparency
·         Engage with all your staff and encourage them to be more social
·         Ensure you have executive support
·         Test and measure – don’t be afraid to fail!
Apart from networking in person at the event, delegates were actively sharing their insights and key takeaways on Twitter using the hashtag #SM4GOV.
Have a look at some quotes and tips from the conference:
A highlight of the conference includes a case study by John Thompson, Corporate Communications Manager, of how NSW Police managed social media during the Martin Place Lindt siege last December.

Due to popular demand, Akolade has produced a new Social Media for Gov conference that will be held in Canberra on 16-18th March 2016. For more details, please click here for the website.

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