04 February 2016

No matter the platform, students find a new way to cheat

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With new technology and an increase in the number of students studying and testing online, accuracy of work has a higher risk of being false – in saying, cheating becomes easier.

Following recent statements, proficiency tests for international university students will be moved online and overseas.

Stated in an SMH article, “The move comes after a year in the spotlight for foreign students following a string of high-profile cheating scandals, concerns about fabricated IELTS results from migration agents, and universities launching investigations into allegations of widespread ghost-writing and plagiarism.”

Why do students cheat? And what does it take to tackle the issue and help prevent these scandals.
“As a record number of students – more than 77,000 – prepare to sit at least one HSC exam this year, more than half of the 118 HSC written exams will be fully or partially marked online, a 13 per cent increase on last year, the NSW Board of Studies has confirmed.”

Testing and marking online allows for errors to be made. But there are still cheating instances that are happening while students are sitting at a desk. New technologies have created new ways of cheating.

The Board of Studies has cracked down and begins to issue warnings to students on cheating, saying it will not be tolerated. This also raised updates in the HSC rules and guide outlines – affirming cheating in exams could be reported to the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“The updated guide includes a ban on students wearing smart watches in their exams, as schools battle to keep up with new ways to cheat.

The move on smart watches follows revelations that NSW high school students are paying hundreds of dollars to have assignments written for them by private companies and individual tutors, with teachers struggling to rein in an "endemic" cheating culture.” SMH article

Smart devices have created a new cheating rampant, generating a challenge for educational facilities to stay current and abreast.

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