14 April 2016

5 ways to future proof your talent attraction strategies

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Recently I was given the opportunity to start recruiting new producers to be managed by me.  The recruitment process was an easy one however after interviewing several candidates and almost hiring a couple of them, it was actually a learning curve for me as well.

When we think about the psychology of job search and that decision making process, there’s actually 7 steps or decisions candidates consider before they make a switch and become employed at another company.

The 7 steps or decisions include:

  1. They need to consider a change and are open for other opportunities
  2. They must consider your company and whether it’s a good fit for them
  3. Then consider the position
  4. Then apply for the position
  5. If they get an interview they need to commit and show up to the interview
  6. If they’re lucky enough to get an offer then they need to consider and accept the offer
  7. If they’ve accepted the offer they actually need to turn up to work on their first day

So how can you shape your recruiting process to take advantage of the changing nature of job search?

Here are 5 very specific things you can do to find the right talent and improve the way you recruit today.

  • Sequence your recruitment tactics to maximise quality, cost and performance.
  • Shape your candidate pipeline – you have control over your talent and there are 5 key levers that could assist with your talent search including your job titles, job descriptions, career site, apply process and company reviews. Getting these key levers right will attract the right talent to the job you’re looking to fill.
  • Be careful not to lose good candidates to overly complex application process
  • Build a brand that brings talent to you. According to statistics provided by Indeed Insights, 83% say reviews impact where they apply and 46% say company reputation has a big impact on decision to accept a job offer. Your brand determines your candidate.
  • Build a platform for inbound recruiting. Remember your career site is your webpage and your application process is your lead capture process. Screening is your predictive scoring and today most organisations is effectively manual but over time will be more automated.

While my quest to find the right candidate continues, I can be assured that my next hire will be a good one.

To read more about Talent Attraction report by Indeed Insights, click here 

The best part of my job as a Conference Production Manager is to create and manage my own conferences from concept to delivery, identify future conference topics as well as giving me a chance to expand my business card collection. Having a bit of a sweet tooth, you will always find me having lollies on my desk or you will catch me browsing on fashion sites during lunch breaks.

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