03 May 2016

Facebook’s powerful potential with live videos, branded content, and instant articles

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While Facebook roles out live video streaming, branded content and instant articles, companies, especially marketers, have to recognise these new feature’s powerful potential.

These latest tweaks continue to transform Facebook marketing, allowing us to make advancements on social and how we effectively engage with our audience, but also making it challenging to always stay abreast.

Live video is booming. Watching a video on a ‘real-time’ scale adds a valuable experience – but is it really just another gimmick so we record, watch and share more video? And don’t forget we have Twitter bragging about its live app, Periscope, and soon to announce its own smartphone-based live video is Google’s YouTube.

Though Facebook live video has the added targeting ability, allowing us to specifically stream videos in Groups and for Events.

Streaming for groups allows you to directly choose or have influence over who sees your video. “While regular users will love the ability to go live just to their family or other invite-only groups, marketers will be thrilled at the ability to broadcast live video content with pinpoint targeting,” SMK article states.

With live streaming for events, people can RSVP and continue to receive notifications when the video stream is live. Again, a positive for marketers having the additional knowledge of your particular audience making it a bit easier to create very targeted videos and niche content.

Facebook has also advanced the available metrics for tracking live video performance. Two new available insights include; Live Broadcast Audience which tells you the total number of unique people who watched the video while it was live, and Viewers During Live Broadcast which is a visual representation of the number of viewers during each moment of live broadcast.

Meanwhile, Facebook has quietly updated its policy to allow posting ads in the form of branded content – a big boost for influencers and marketers. This new tool and policy update makes it easier to share a wider range of branded content and direct readers back to your page, with added access to data to see how well the post performs.

Last new Facebook update to mention is Instant articles. Publishers are now able to publish native ads as Instant Articles, creating the added flexibility to publish posts and gain a higher reach whilst on a very user-friendly and clean looking site. “Facebook’s Instant Articles format gives content publishers the ability to present their content to Facebook users via a quick-loading, uncluttered 
format that looks a lot like it would on the publishers own website”. SMK article.

These updates aren’t going to be the last – marketers, keep up!

After finishing University with a degree in Business Marketing, I decided to make a big jump across seas for the first time and move from the east coast of America to Sydney, Australia. I landed my first job in a sales position in the event industry and soon thereafter moved into a marketing assistant role – following I had the pleasure of interviewing with Akolade which got me to where I am today.

Akolade is a fun, innovative company that brings together people from different walks of life to implement change. As the Marketing Manager, I have the pleasure of wearing many hats which motivates me to succeed, reach people in an array of avenues, grow our events to their full potential, and raise our story. As for me, I am a kind dedicated woman who loves to work hard, exercise, cook, be social and have some fun.

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