30 August 2017

Deskercise- Improve focus, productivity and wellbeing

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We office professionals often spend our days tethered to our desks with little more exercise than an hourly stroll to the kitchen to refill your coffee cup. Couple this with the mindless snacking we tend to do even when not hungry and you have a recipe for weight gain, higher blood pressure and poor circulation. 
Don’t fall into the inactive rut- you can keep your health in check while sitting at your desk. Greatist has a fantastic list of deskercises but here are a few of my favourites which you can do without anyone knowing.

1.       The Seated Leg Raiser

While seated at your desk hold one leg (or both if you’re on the fitter side) straight in front of you and hold for five or more seconds. Lower the leg/s back to the ground and repeat for 15 reps. You should feel the burn in your abdominal muscles.

1.       The Office Genie

Sit with your legs crossed in your chair like you did during assembly in primary school. With one hand on each armrest, push down to raise yourself off the chair. Remain floating for 15-20 seconds, lower and repeat several times. This targets your upper body- flex those guns.

2.       The Pencil Pinch

Roll your shoulders back and pinch your shoulder blades together to engage your traps. Pretend you’re holding a pencil between your scapulas. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, release and repeat for 15 reps.

3.       The Desk Chair Swivel

Swivel chairs are a lot of fun but they’re a great fitness tool as well. Sitting upright and with your feet hovering just over the floor, hold the edge of your desk and swivel the chair from side to side. This is another ab burner. Swish side to side 15 times and repeat 3 times.

4.       The Silent Seat Squeeze

No deskercise routine would be complete without some butt clenches. To tone your posterior, simply squeeze your glutes under the desk, hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat 15 times. 

Written by: Claire Dowler

Claire Dowler is a Senior Conference Producer with Akolade. She recently graduated with a double degree: a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Media and Communications Studies majoring in International Communication. Claire minored in sarcasm and puns.

A ballroom-dancer who collects salt and pepper shakers and volunteers for animal rescue, you might say Claire has eclectic interests.

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