09 March 2016

What are the specific changes in Aged Care that we’ll see this year?

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2015 was a big year for aged care with the reforms continuing, the introduction of consumer direct care and the overhaul of ‘My Aged Care’.

We’ve seen funding changes, a new Minister, a move back to health, and new programs such as severe response behaviour teams, what’s on the cards for 2016?

Patrick Reid, National CEO of LASA says this year we can expect more challenges, “For us looking outwards for the year will be the Federal election. The real challenge will be around making sure that funding is recommitted in the industry. We’re going to see the baby boomers turn 70 for the first time and of course they will impact the calculations on who is eligible for aged care so it’s a really big change,” Mr Reid said.

“Quality is a big pillar for aged care. And I think the boat will continue on what quality will looks like today? The 2015 budget we’ve had full cost recovery of $30.7 million from the providers but with that which people don’t realise is that we actually have an opportunity there for privatisation or accreditation."

“I think we have the opportunity in aged care to really build a framework around what quality looks like but also too what the safeguards are, the standards for innovation and of course try to reduce unnecessary red tape and ensure the compliance continues,” he said.

Department of Social Services shares a vision where by 2022, Australia’s aged care system will be sustainable and affordable, provide rewarding career options and great choice and flexibility for consumers.

“We’re going to see the first legislation for consumer fund holding. The other change we’ll see is the rollout of the severe behavioural response team. The concern around that is the ability of these teams to build capacity and capability in aged services. I think the real challenge there will be just how people deal with dementia. How do we respond to severe behaviour but also to dementia entirely and I think that’s a real challenge for the industry throughout 2016 and onwards.”

Aged care community has done the roadmap. With the election on the horizon, the real challenge is to show that there is a pathway to meet demand and expectations of what aged services can provide.

For more information about the government’s vision and plans for Aged Care, please read.

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