08 June 2018

10 data predictions for 2018

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With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the data industry is set to soar giving organisations the ability to leverage from data effectively.

Data powered organisations are inclined to re-think their approach to data utilisation and management if they want to extract maximum value from data and analytics. With a focus on increasing business revenue, CEOs, Chief Data Officers and Chief Information Officers are adopting new and innovative methods within their business strategy to optimise their performance.

Over the years, the data industry has seen some interesting and innovative changes however 2018 has been predicted to be the year that organisations will become increasingly dependent on their data. A Forrester Research report details 10 data predictions for 2018:

1. 25% of enterprises will supplement point-and-click analytics with conversational interfaces

2. 20% of enterprises will deploy AI to make decisions and provide real-time instructions

3. AI will erase the boundaries between structured and unstructured data-based insights

4. 33% of enterprises will take their data lakes off life support

5. 50% of enterprises will adopt a cloud-first strategy for big data analytics

6. 66% of enterprises will deploy insights centres of excellence as a remedy for organisational misalignments

7. Majority of Chief Data Officers will explore opportunities to innovate data by embedding analytics in their internal business processes and data-enabled products and services

8. Data Engineer will become a new job title in the industry

9. 80% of firms will rely on insight service providers for some portion of their insight capabilities in 2018

10. 70% of enterprises expect to implement AI over the next 12 months
The new set of data buzzwords such as: AI, IoT and Deep learning are the result of the data industry advancing. However, the digital transformation of all organisations continues to pose cyber threats. With the rise of new C-suite roles, a shared awareness will grow forcing organisations to accept that cyber security isn’t just a technological issue rather it is a business challenges that requires an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to effectively manage and minimise both internal and external threats.

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Written by: Vishi Peters 

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