08 June 2018

Trends changing the future of contact centres

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As customer experience moves to the forefront of almost every organisation’s strategic view, the first point of contact for consumers is undergoing a complete transformation. As contact centres evolve to meet the needs of the tech savvy ‘Generation Now’, these are some of the trends set to change the way they operate. 

      1. Chat bots and AI replacing human contact

The rise of intelligent bots will mean faster answers to customer queries as they have the capacity to search its database for information and possible resolutions. Should the bot be unable to resolve the query it would be forwarded to a human agent.

2. Voice recognition and call routing

Artificial intelligence is also expected to transform the call routing process. The days of the classic dial tone will soon be replaced by voice recognition. These machines pick up on words or phrases in spoken language and convert them into a machine readable format. By stating their query, customers can be transferred to the appropriate department or agent.

3. A remote and agile workforce

Allowing contact centre agents to work from the comfort of their home see substantial benefits in return, such as the ability to retain high performing staff and a lower turnover. A work from home scheme can be implemented to address staffing issues, as Medibank did in 2015. The centre sometimes would only require a few agents to be present but were still required to have management whilst staff were there. Equipping a few staff to work from home resolved the issue.

4. IOT and contact centres

The rise of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa heralds a new age of IOT and complete connectivity in which such devices can monitor and store information about themselves and their user. Imagine a world in which your home support device can troubleshoot themselves and perform the necessary updates before you’re home from work.

5. Real time data

Artificial intelligence, voice recognition and IOT are joined by a central theme: they are both driven by and produce consumer data. With such tools in place contact centres will be able to access real time information relevant not only to their customers but also to decision makers and the company strategy.

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Written by: Claire Dowler

Claire is the manager of Akolade’s government and digital portfolio. She’s passionate about emerging digital trends, particularly in the public sector. In her spare time she enjoys picking up heavy things and putting them back down again and animals are her favourite kind of people. 

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