04 January 2016

Business Transformation for CDC

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The aged care sector continues to transform with regulatory reforms being implemented. As the changes take shape, aged care providers have to reimagine the way they operate, continually transforming their business in order to be nimble and embed the model of care that puts customer choice and control at the center.

We recently spoke to Andrea Kincade, Development Manager at UnitingCare life Assist to get her thoughts on the changes that are being implemented in the aged care sector.

What do you see as being the biggest challenge in the evolving world of aged care?

Andrea: The uncertainty of projected revenue that comes with a market-based approach to Home Care Packages. Under the old paradigm, providers knew how much revenue they could expect and plan resources accordingly. Under the new paradigm that will come into place from February 2017 - where people receiving Home Care Packages will be able to choose their service provider and have flexibility to change provider - there will be no certainty with revenue and therefore allocation of resources.

What are key strategies that your organisation has adopted to transform your business?

Andrea: Innovation is one of the primary strategies to transform our business. We are running a professional development course for staff to identify new business opportunities and learn how to make them into reality. And the exciting part is that this is much more than a training program - it is learning by doing.

Co-design is an emerging form of inclusive service design in the health and social service sectors that is an invaluable approach to make sure that we are transforming our business into something that people will want to buy.

Increasing staff skills in areas ranging from billable hours and public presentation to client information systems and practice.

What are your top three priorities following the CDC model being mandated, and in the build-up to the upcoming sector reforms?

Andrea: Cash flow and cash reserves – transforming the business from block payment in advance to individualised payments paid in arrears means that we need cash reserves to ensure cash flow as we undertake this transformation.

Workforce – a skilled workforce that understands the value of creating great relationships with clients and stakeholders to generate new business and grow existing business. As of February 2017 people with a Home Care Package will be the ones who decide whether we are delivering a great service for the right price. Our workforce is a critical part of delivering a great service.

Marketing – understanding the value we bring to clients in achieving their goals and share these outcomes in our marketing activities.

Could you please share some quick, easy wins for business improvement?

Andrea: There are no quick easy wins and I would love to say that it’s otherwise. As a starting point I would start to look closely at the real costs of doing business and implement changes to achieve efficiencies. Review workflow and processes – are they as efficient as they could be? Importantly – ask for help within and external to the business to bring in key technical expertise as required. 

Andrea Kincade is a speaker at our Business Transformation for CDC Roadshow, taking place from 21 – 23 March at a city near you (Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney). Andrea will be joined by other leaders in the aged care sector, who will share further thoughts on key themes above. Come along and join in the conversation – further details are available in the conference brochure provided in the link above. 

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