01 January 2016

From the vault: Akolade's Top 5 Human Resources Articles of 2015

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Happy New Year everyone. January 1st sure seems to roll around quicker each year, or maybe that’s just my age. As a new year dawns, I thought I’d take us into the Akolade vault for a look at the top 5 posts on Human Resources from the Akolade blog in 2015.

By a long margin, this post examines the legalities surrounding employee’s use of social media out of work hours seemed to hit a nerve with readers. Examining the case of a former Meriton employee who’s out of hours trolling of Fairfax columnist Clementine Ford cost his job, the situation raised several key legal issues about the consequences of social media use for employees outside of their working hours.

Examining the importance of senior management buy-in in the development and execution of succession planning, Welcome to the Leaders of Tomorrow focused on the changing work environment and how managers could “fast-track” future leaders and outlined some best practice succession management strategies to ensure a succession management programme was planned to gain maximum benefit for both the employee and the company.

All employees respond different to rewards and recognition programmes, and understanding the drivers for a multi-generational workplace can leave HR re-inventing the wheel every year. This concise post highlighted best practice strategies when designing a Reward and Recognition strategy that would engage, or re-engage as the case may be, your workforce.

In light of a business survey by Galaxy on behave of business service provider Citrix, it was shone that many Australian businesses are still using outdated management techniques when it comes to the day to day operations of HR. Lack of workplace flexibility and a lack of trust that employees will do what they need to do is having a negative impact on workplace productivity. The Netflix Slide Deck on HR strategies is a must read document for HR managers who are preparing to bring their policies into the 21st century. While Netflix is not an Australian company, it has some leading-edge ideas on productivity, performance management and company culture.

Business today is done both in the office, and at events and receptions where hand shaking and business card collecting are becoming more important than ever before. The Art of Networking is a personal development piece, based on a decade’s experience of preparing and hosting commercial conferences and legal seminars. The piece examined some key tips and provided a handful of take aways that can be easily implemented at your next corporate event, which should help you to not only remember who you’ve met, but also gain the best ROI on the time and cost of attending.

Mike Cullen has recently returned to Akolade after a period as the conference producer for one of Australia's leading economic think tanks. Mike began working in the conference industry in 2007 after looking for a career change from the high pressured world of inbound customer service. Mike has worked for some of the most well-known conference and media companies in the B2B space and in his spare time is working on his first novel in a planned Epic Fantasy trilogy.

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